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Another Weekend Catch-up

That was a busy weekend. Gaming Friday night with the Dallas Browncoats. Fun crew. I have to get them to come over more, I'm too old to make hour-long drives at 3am. ORAC meeting on Saturday. That was lots of fun for Maggie and Jamie as they played with the other kids. We got home a little later than we'd planned, our friend Brandy was coming over and she got to the house a few minutes before we did. For the 4th we had sandy_tyra and family over. I grilled burgers, Sandy made corn, and we generally stuffed ourselves. Then we had the traditional readings of Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!" speech and the Declaration of Independence, followed by watching 1776. (I wonder if anybody's showed that to the Iraqi constitution-writing committee? Might be useful perspective for them.)

I also got a few chores done--putting up pictures, trimming weeds, etc. One was taking bumperstickers off the cars. That grated on me. Not the McCain sticker, that's several elections ago, and it was time to get rid of it (if I wait for somebody I like more to run I'd probably never take it off). But back in 2003 I got fed up with the "No Blood For Oil" bumperstickers all over Los Angeles and decided to answer them. There weren't any good pro-war stickers I could order, so I went down to Kinko's and laminated printouts saying "FREE IRAQ" in big letters. That's been on the cars since.

That was a very clear message before the invasion. But the problem with bumpersticker slogans is they can mean something completely different if you change the context. Now there's lots of lefties waving "Free Iraq!" signs, but they mean "Pull US troops out now" instead of "Get rid of Saddam and build a democracy", which is what I meant by it. And at this point the new meaning's common enough that people seeing my bumpersticker assume I'm using the lefty meaning (which may have protected the car in the UU parking lot, but never mind). So I scraped them off. Not that I've changed my mind, or don't want to announce my beliefs, but I don't like being misinterpreted.

Still bothers me.
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