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Out and About With the Kiddies

Maggie got her first visit to the dentist today. She was eager for it because I told her the dentist would give her a new toothbrush. "Presents!" She was very good. The dental tech said Maggie was the best behaved out of a whole bunch of children that day. There were lots of presents, too. A regular and an electric toothbrush, stickers, and sunglasses. Plus a coupon for a free ice cream cone (drumming up more business, ya think?). She was happy and wants to go back. I need to go back myself, but knowing the work I need done I’m not nearly as cheerful about it.

Oh, and there will be pictures of it when celticdragonfly gets back from Conestoga.

So Maggie got her ice cream, followed by naps all around. Well, I vegged out, which is close enough.

Then it was time to head out for the monthly zoo demo at Borders. This month they’d changed the day to coordinate with the Harry Potter festivities. I got there a little early, only to find that as well as changing the date they’d changed the time from 7:30 to 8:30. So clearly the "have dinner afterwards" plan was out the window. Going home wasn’t an option, an hour would leave enough time for one diaper change between the drive each way. So I took them over to the chicken place for dinner. Just walking would’ve been a very good idea if I’d had the good baby stroller. With just the umbrella stroller it was a pain in the tuchis, since wheels suddenly turning and jamming is much more annoying in the middle of a real road than in a store aisle.

So we got back in time for the animals. First was an eleven-foot burmese python, same as Harry freed in the zoo. The zookeeper didn’t mention that—must not be a fan. Just a baby python, though. Full growth is 22-25 feet. At which point I think they won’t be taking it out in public anymore. Second animal was a great horned owl. Pretty bird. Calm, too, especially compared to last month’s hawk. Maggie was fascinated. Jamie lost interest and got noisy, so I took him to the back of the crowd. So we were surrounded by a swarm of sorta-gothy teens too cool to go watch the owl up close but too interested to wander away completely. When it ended I picked Maggie up for a close look at the owl. She liked him.

Then home, and a bit of HP&tSS so they can see the same animals again before bed.
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