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Reference Book

Title: Reference Book
Author: selenite
Summary: Ginny looks up a spell.
Rating: R by implication
Characters: Ginny, Hermione
Pairing: H/G, R/T offstage
Spoilers/Timeline: 9-10 months after end of HBP
Disclaimer: Rowling's characters and setting, not mine.
Author's Note: No, I don't recommend that for people that age.

Reference Book

The Burrow had quieted down as the wedding revelers drifted off to their beds. Most had set up tents around the house, taking advantage of the spring weather. A pair of Aurors methodically patrolled a perimeter around them, making sure Voldemort didn’t take advantage of the Order celebrating a wartime marriage between two of their own. Remus and Tonks had crept off to the secluded guest house hours ago but the party had continued without them.

Inside the house Ginny crept up the stairs, trying to make sure she didn’t wake anyone. When she saw the light under Hermione’s door she sighed in relief and knocked gently. "Come in," Hermione said. Ginny saw she’d been reading The Unexpurgated History of the Founding of Slytherin House.

"You can’t be doing homework," she said.

"No, research. We’ll need to know everything we can before we—soon. And I couldn’t sleep, too excited. You look tired, though. Going out with Harry again?"

She looked away blushing. "No, it’s just, well, weddings. Like last summer."

"And at Christmas, and when—"

"Um, anyway, I wanted to borrow a book." Hermione looked puzzled. "Um, that book. Please."

"Oh! Of course. One moment." Hermione had the tact to keep the smirk off her face until she had her back to the younger girl. She opened her trunk and dug into the back left corner, moving everything out of the way until she got to the false panel. "Here you go." Ginny took the book, a slim deep purple volume, trimmed in pink with with delicate gold letters revealing the title as Spells The Wizards Don’t Need to Know Anything About. "Page seventy-three."

"Thanks." Ginny settled on a chest and began paging through it.

Hermione sat up on the bed and found her place again. After a few more pages she looked up at Ginny. "Not finding it?"

"No, just looking at all the spells. Fascinating even if I’m too young for most of them."

"Oh, yes. I was never so glad I wasn’t a Muggle the day my mother explained how they handle those things. We’re much luckier."

"Uh-huh." They both went back to their books. Ginny finally found what she was looking for. She lifted her wand and had a last bout of indecision. Finally she made up her mind, lowered the wand to her thighs, and swept it straight up to her heart. "Conceptio!"

The Unexpurgated History hit the floor with a thump.
Tags: fanfic, science fiction
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