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Home Improvement

Back in 1999 we got a Sky Chair for celticdragonfly. We were in a house with an unfinished ceiling with huge wood beams, so putting it up was a snap. After that we were in a small, old rental with stuccoed ceilings all over. I didn't put it up there because I didn't want to deal with landlord complaints over holes in the ceiling or breaking an aging support beam. This came up again while househunting here. One of the questions for each house was "where could we put the sky chair?" There wasn't an obvious answer for that here, but I promised her I'd find a way to put it. Someday. When I got around to it. When I figured out how to hang it from concealed beams without breaking too much in the process. When I found all the parts distributed among multiple boxes in two moves.

Well, after twenty months of procrastination, I finally got it put up this weekend. Here's celticdragonfly trying it out with Karina in her lap.

Enjoy, love.
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