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Matching Meme

Top 10 Friend Matches

arcbat & brigand13 189
sappersgt & soldiergrrrl 173
desert_vixen & joykins1 164
joykins1 & arthurthedented 162
jfsnyder & joykins1 137
surielle & kd5mdk 133
sandy_tyras & artcat81 133
phoenixsinger & kd5mdk 133
p_o_u_n_c_e_r & jfsnyder 132
philfoglio & joykins1 128

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This is doing much better at picking people than most of the memes out there. The top two couples are married to each other (and congratulations sappersgt & soldiergrrrl, we really wish we could've been there). Most of the other pairs have at least a list-friendship in common. The interesting one is sandy_tyras & artcat81. They were both at my house the same night but I don't think they ever got to meet. I'll make sure to fix that the next time I get the chance.
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