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selenite's Journal

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Karl Gallagher
8 January 1967
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  • kelthaven
I'm Karl. I'm happily married with three kids. I'm a systems engineer, currently building fighter planes. I'm a gamer. But most of the time I'm reading, either science fiction or news. If you're looking for info on my day-to-day life you're probably better off reading celticdragonfly, she's my wife and usually has a chance to post before I do.

I have very strong political opinions. You can find them at libertarianhawk.

Oh, if you you're wondering about the mad science icon, it's from http://www.gpf-comics.com. But I don't do mad science. It's just hard to find mad engineering comics.

The scales and software icons are from Absurd Notions, you can see the full software strip at http://www.absurdnotions.org/page40.html. The scales are from http://www.absurdnotions.org/page35.html

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